Cipangu Technologies was founded by Gonzalo Naranjo.

During his thirty-year plus career, Gonzalo has worked with the smallest and largest of organizations, start-ups and established, foreign and domestic, spearheading difficult projects, services, new products and first-of-a-kind solutions.

He has also grown successful businesses from the ground up, expanding internationally and serving multinational clients. His depth and breadth of expertise across a range of industries has made him a valued advisor for many.

Over the years, Gonzalo has witnessed technology transform the capabilities of business large and small. This changing landscape has created new types of companies, new markets and new competitors.

However, it has not been without challenges. Technology – networks, systems, integration, computers, controllers – has become cheaper but it also has brought a wealth of complexity which every company has had to contend with.

After having experienced many of these challenges and risks, Gonzalo created Cipangu to assist clients.

What is the right technology to apply to the problem? How to apply it? Why? Who? What are the key questions that require answers?

Given Gonzalo’s broad experience and knowledge, he can carry out many assignments where traditionally a team would be required. This translates into speed and reduced cost.

For more information please contact us at:

gonzalo [at] cipangu [dot] com

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